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My Journey


All About Me

My Journey


I don’t know about you, but some journeys seem to be so painful, so intense, that describing them in words would not do them justice. Overcoming the setbacks, roadblocks, heartbreaks and hurdles in multiple areas of my life are now the fuel for my higher purpose. I now use them instead of them using me.


Maybe you can relate to the feeling I once had from feeling disconnected to your own healing. Perhaps you have just accepted that your physical, mental and spiritual burdens are the “way it is”. If these situations among others resonates with you, and you have been hoping for something better, then you have arrived at the perfect place.


I am here to love everyone and everything. I am here to awaken the greatness and healing within you. If you are ready to take your power back and no longer accept yourself as a victim, to raise your level of awareness and consciousness towards one of unconditional love, creating, and inspiration.  And be the creator being you were born to be, then join me on this journey.


Together, we will remove resistance, remember who we are, and move into co-creating with the Highest Good. With Multi-Dimensional healing, we will discover that everything is energy. Think like energy, feel like energy, and receive like energy. Energy enjoys flowing and connection, and when the body is blocked, that stuck energy emerges as dis-ease, lack of ease within physical body.  We will be Divinely guided to unlock that stagnate energy and open the flow to your connection of balance, harmony, and peace.


Unconditional love. Let’s remember how it feels to return and connect within, an evolve and rise to our full potential. Healing comes in the Divine connection of loving yourself, letting go, and becoming the creator being you have always been. These sessions will both unblock and allow the flow of that unconditional love, which will invite you to see love, hear love, feel love, be love.


Love is a way.


  • Advanced Certification – Ho’Oponopono

  • Basic Certification – Ho’Oponopono

  • Superconscious/Higher Self Training

  • Ordained Minister

  • Over 7 years’ experience healing with energy and spiritual healing modalities

  • Master’s Degree in Education 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Family Community Services

Leveraged Modalities:

  • Work with Your Highest Good, Divinity, God, Source, That Great Something, and whomever you call upon and all Energy at Love and Above

  • Prayer

  • Ho’Oponopono (Ancient Hawaiian Healing)

  • Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

  • Higher Self /Superconscious Work

  • Inner Child Work

  • Shadow Work

  • Vibrational Healing

  • Meditation

  • Crystals

  • Love and Above Light and Energy

  • Energy and Spiritual Healing

  • Angel Therapy

  • Breathwork

  • Essential Oils

  • Herbs 

  • Sound Healing

  • Laying of Hands

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